About Us
About Us


We at Health and Hygiene Pvt. Ltd as a company want to prioritize personal health and hygiene awareness by providing affordable and accessible solutions. 

We believe that hygiene is a human right that cannot have a price on it. That is why we have incorporated technology as the centre of our business model in order to provide the highest quality of hygiene at bargain prices. 

Our line of products is gender neutral and constantly evolving to incorporate the daily needs of everybody. Every year, we pledge to do more for the health of families across the world.

We have an exemplary infrastructure with high speed production line. We genuinely use world class raw materials, procuring them from US, Japan and India. We are honestly committed to providing best quality hygiene products including Wet wipes, Diapers, Panty Liners, Masks and Sanitary Napkins to all the citizens of the world.

With the launch of our sanitary napkin brand- PADelux, we have embarked on a journey to serve and contribute towards improving female hygiene and sanitation conditions all across Nepal and significantly increase awareness of using hygiene products within our society.  This is our first stepping stone. We wish support women naturally in every stage of life, with products ranging from pads, tampons and liners, through to maternity products all across the globe.

Our journey has just begun and we are focused to use the knowledge of hygiene to make the world a safer place to live one day at a time!

Our Mission

Create and promote affordable and quality hygiene products that will make everyday lives better.

Our Vision

We envision ourselves as a brand of choice for Nepalese citizens who seek world-class personal hygiene solutions.

Primary Line of Business

Health & Hygiene Products: Sanitary Pads- PADelux, Diapers, Panty Liner, Adult Diaper, Wet Wipes, Mask.