Our COVID- 19 Effort

Our COVID- 19 Effort

Amidst this pandemic, our team is trying to make sure PADelux sanitary napkins are available throughout Nepal. As a company, we do not want the women of our country to ever lack basic amenities. Apart from our increasing our availability in major cities of the country, we are trying our level best to distribute sanitary napkins in the area of need free of cost. We have managed several campaigns with groups like Sisterhood Nepal and Former Miss Nepal organizations helping out to distribute and donate pads to quarantine facilities and orphanages.

Even after the team's best efforts, it might be possible that the products might not be available in your area or are out of stock. If this is the case in your locality, please let us know through our mail id given below; we will try our level best to make them accessible as soon as possible. Additionally, we are available on several e-commerce sites like Daraz, Sastodeal, Jeeve, Safalsathi, Thulo, Epharmacyand Mero health care. The links for all the e-commerce sites have been given below:-


Enquiry for product availability  sales@healthhygiene.com 
Consumer feedback  care@healthhygiene.com 

E-Commerce Websites

DARAZ  https://www.daraz.com.np/catalog/?q=PADELUX&_keyori=ss&from=input&spm=a2a0e.11779170.search.go.287d2d2bwgTVsK
SASTODEAL https://www.sastodeal.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=PADELUX
JEEVE https://jeevee.com/patients/market#706164656c7578
SAFAL SATHI  https://www.safalsathi.com/
THULO https://thulo.com/
MERO HEALTH CARE  https://www.merohealthcare.com/search?product=PADELUX+

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