1. Light exercise and yoga

Working whole day andbinge-watchingNetflix is required for survival and enjoyment. However, being stiffed for long time can cause body ache like lower abdomen pain, neck pain and shoulder pain. As a result, in periods it causes extreme lower back pain and leg pain. Doing exercise or yoga on regular basis for 30-35 minutes can reduce the cramps and back ache too.


2. Eating healthy food

Having junk foods every day and skipping meal can cause nutritional deficiency in the body. According to Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care, “75% girls around the world suffers through menstrual abnormalities such as menstrual irregularities, dysmenorrhea and premenstrual syndrome (PMS)”. Consuming healthy food and assuring the intake necessary nutrients to body can slightly ease period problems and period timing are maintained after some months.


3. Say NO to Caffeine

Yes! You are reading right GIRL. Coffee which gives energy to work all day and keeps calm is not healthy during menstruation. According to Journal of Taibah University Medical Sciences, “Caffeine may interfere with hormones and cause menstrual dysfunction”.  Avoiding caffeine while periods will ease the excessive cramp pain.


4. Sound Sleep

Many women suffer from menstrual insomnia due to painful back ache, stomach pain and restlessness legs. Maintaining healthy diet and regular exercise can help to have sound sleep throughout the period’s cycle.


5. Stay hydrated

Drinking warm water and juices in periods can make you feelrelaxed. It is important tostay hydrated during periods.


Disclaimer: This is not a medical advice. It is always better to go for check up and have medical advise correctly if it’s problematic.


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